Pranzi Tents & Events is your trusted partner for events of all sizes and types. Our comprehensive range of tents, furnishings and décor complement and elevate any event. From stunning tents, elegant tables and chairs to stylish décor accents, we have everything needed to transform any space into the perfect backdrop for your occasion. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your event is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.


At Pranzi, weddings are not just events; they’re our passion and specialty. With our dedicated team of experienced rental sales representative by your side, we’ll turn your wedding vision and unique style into a breathtaking reality. From the moment you step into our showroom, you’ll be guided through a seamless selection process, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding, from the tent style selection to the décor and furnishings, reflects your unique tabletop style and personality.

At Pranzi, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and creating a wedding day that you and your guests will cherish forever. Let us help you bring your wedding dreams to life. Let the planning begin.


Pranzi Tents and Events understands that the success of corporate, foundation and organization events often hinges on creating visually appealing aesthetics and seamlessly integrating the events purpose.

From auctions, tournaments, galas, and beyond, Pranzi Tents and Events provides the expertise and resources to ensure your event leaves a lasting impression. Our seasoned sales representatives are ready to assist in designing customized environments tailored to make your event successful.


Pranzi Tents and Events has an extensive catalog of tents and additional furnishings to assist you in creating a perfect personalized celebration. Whether you’re marking a milestone like a bar or bat mitzvah, commemorating a birthday, or simply gathering with loved ones for an anniversary, our Rental Sales Representatives are ready to assist you to ensure that every detail is just right.


New Englanders understand the unpredictability of our weather and the need for extra protection from the elements, planned or in an emergency. Our inventory of Navi-Trac tents allows us to provide solid, sustainable protection from the harsh realities of New England weather. Construction company site managers and Emergency Management personnel are invited to call us directly to see what Pranzi can do for you, when you need it most.


Pranzi Tents and Events understands the importance of education, and the importance of celebrating crucial moments of achievements by students, teachers, schools, universities alike.

Our versatile range of tents, podiums, staging/risers, tables, and chairs can meet your schools diverse needs whether the event is indoor and/or outdoor. Our growing inventory of tents can also accommodate larger outdoor events.

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